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District Administration

A portrait of Lisa Hess, Superintendent

Dr. Lisa Hess

A portrait of Dr. Mary Libby, Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Mary Libby

Assistant Superintendent

Brian Bell

Director of Student Services
A portrait of Stephanie Seifrit, Director of Human Resources

Stephanie Seifrit

Director of Human Resources
A portrait of Kelly Price, Controller

Kelly Price

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Karen DeNunzio

Director of Teaching and Learning

Jeffrey Reichart

Director of Safe Schools and School Culture
A portrait of Tim Ziegler, Director of Operations

Timothy Ziegler

Director of Operations
A portrait of Ryan McFadden, Director of Technology

Ryan McFadden

Director of Technology
A portrait of Harley Schaeffer

Harley Schaeffer

Director of Network Operations
A portrait of Brian Patton, Director of Operation Services

Brian Patton

Director of Information Systems
A portrait of Diane Richards, Director of Business Operations

Diane Richards

Director of Business Operations
A portrait of Laura Kline, Director of Food Services

Laura Kline

Director of Food Services

John Guiseppe

Athletic Director
A portrait of Ashley Shannon-Huembes, Director of Communication and Community Relations

Ashley Shannon

Director of Communications and Community Relations
A portrait of Bill Bennett, Supervisor of Secondary Special Education

William Bennett

Supervisor of Special Education, 7-12
A portrait of Kerri Palmer, Supervisor of Special Education, Elementary

Kerri Palmer

Supervisor of Special Education, K-8
A portrait of Steve Murray, Principal of Governor Mifflin High School

Steve Murray

High School
A portrait of TJ Miller, Associate Principal of Governor Mifflin High School

TJ Miller

Associate Principal
High School

GMHS Associate Principal

Role Vacant

A portrait of Tony Alvarez, Principal of Governor Mifflin Middle School

Tony Alvarez

Middle School
A portrait of Nicholas Rolland, Associate Principal

Nicholas Rolland

Associate Principal
Middle School
A portrait of Cory Crider, Principal of Governor Mifflin Intermediate School

Cory Crider

Intermediate School

Carissa Harley

Assistant Principal
Intermediate School
A portrait of Nicole Pagan, Associate Principal of Governor Mifflin Middle School

Nicole Pagan

A portrait of Brian Cote, Cumru Elementary Principal

Brian Cote

A portrait of Melissa Paparella, Principal of Mifflin Park Elementary School

Melissa Paparella

Mifflin Park