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Mustang Nation Learning Expo

Student shares a presentation with two older community members.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 | 6:30-8:00 PM
Governor Mifflin High School

Governor Mifflin School District cordially invites you to join us on Tuesday, March 26 at Governor Mifflin High School for our signature event, the Mustang Nation Learning Expo

At this district-wide event, we’re putting the spotlight on Governor Mifflin’s most exciting and engaging learning experiences and the individuals who know them best: our students and teachers. Throughout the evening, you can expect to see education in action through interactive exhibitions, live performances, and demonstrations across a multitude of grade levels and disciplines.


Exhibition listings will be updated periodically leading up to the event. Check back regularly to see what will be on display at the 2024 Mustang Nation Learning Expo!

Featured Exhibitions

A Living Wax Museum
Ms. Dervarics, Ms. Trievel, Ms. Rudolph, Ms. Curry, Ms. Snavely, & Brecknock students

Woodworking Workshop
Mr. Reed & GMHS students

In a Scientist's Shoes: Amplify Science Simulations & Total Experience Learning
Mr. Evak, Mrs. Reber, & GMIS students

Exploring Energy Conversions in Elementary Science
Mr. Kaszmetskie & Mifflin Park students

UNLESS Contest: Protecting the Golden Lion Tamarins
 Mr. Engle & Mifflin Park students

The Makings of a Mural: School-Wide Art Project with Artist-In-Residency Jane Wolfgang
Mrs. Smith & Brecknock Elementary students

Living Things LIVE!: Cumru Elementary 2nd Grade Music & Arts Showcase
Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Sweigart, Ms. Adkins, Mr. Marley, Ms. Lavigna, Ms. Cregar, Mrs. Tilley, & Cumru Elementary students

The College (Application) Experience: Student Exploration of Higher Education
Ms. Gibson, Ms. Murray, Ms. Conner, Ms. Sell, Ms. Eagle, & GMHS students

A Look at Illustrative Math
Ms. Ziemer & GMMS students

A Journey In Journalism: Exploring Multimedia Reporting & Content Creation
Ms. McKay & GMHS students

GMHS Social Studies Showcase: Government, Economics, AP Psychology, & AP U.S. History
Mr. Hole, Mr. Williams, & GMHS students

Big Mustang, Little Mustang Peer Tutoring Program
Ms. Smith, Ms. McMahon, Ms Nierle, & Brecknock students

Open Rehearsal: Governors
Mr. Hill & members of the GMHS Governors Choir

Til The Cows Come Home: Country Line Dancing
Mr. Vecchio, Ms. Forrer, & GMHS students

Ceramics & Studio Design Arts Showcase
Ms. Bartholomew & GMHS students

Book "Tasting": Expanding Your Literary Palate
Ms. Turtell, Ms. Radwanski, Ms. Ream, Ms. Westover, & Cumru students

Groovy Grinds: A Hands-On Education in Entrepreneurship
Mr. Rosenbaum & GMHS students

Arts in the Digital Age: Digital Design & Media Open Studio
Mr. Kellett & GMHS students

Skin Deep: Interactive Lessons in the Integumentary System
Ms. Blair, Mr. Roman, & GMHS students

Rolling into Physical Education: the Strider Bike Program
Mr. Greene & Pre-K Counts staff and students

One School, One Book: Supporting Student Literacy & Community Connection
Mrs. Moyer, Mrs. Weisman, Mrs. Holgate, Mrs. Clark, Ms. Horton, Ms. Francis, & Mifflin Park students

Mirrors and Windows Book Expo: Celebrate Student Choice Books and Discover Your Next Favorite Read!
Ms. Masinick, Ms. Brumbach, Mr. Verbeke, Ms. Sabatino, & GMHS students

Cities and Surface Area: Exploring Mathematics Through 3-D Modeling
Ms. Conrad, Ms. Knapper, & GMIS students

Sneaky Sweets: Healthy Swaps in Decadent Desserts
Ms. Klahr, Ms. Gerhart, & GMHS students

GMIS Select Chorus Showcase
Ms. Wooten & GMIS Select Chorus

Open Rehearsal: GMHS Chamber Ensemble
Mr. Leonowitz & the GMHS Chamber Ensemble

Beyond the Physical: Social-Emotional Learning in P.E.
Mrs. Mohl & GMMS students

All About Accounting
 Ms. Wilbert & GMHS students

Sight & Light: Vision Simulations in Elementary Science
Mr. Moore & Mifflin Park students

Performance and Pathways: A Celebration of Middle School Music and the Music Industry Day in Collaboration with Albright College
Mr. Williamson, Ms. Carter, Albright College, & GMMS students

Force, Motion, and Fun: Physics in Mini-Golf Course Design
Mr. Collette, Ms. Zweizig, Ms. Reber, & Brecknock students

GMMS STEAM Showcase: Product Design, Robotics, and Sustainable Cities
Ms. Bolles, Ms. Folk, Ms. Merkel, Ms. Murray, & GMMS students

Engineering in Agriculture: K'Nex STEM Competition  Submissions
Mrs. Eastman & GMIS students

7th Grade Investigates: Using Crime Scene Investigation to Examine U.S. History
Ms. Keane & GMMS students

Post-Grad Pathways: Mapping Out the Route To Success
Mr. Selbst & GMHS Juniors

Student Experiences In Summer Zone
Mr. Blatt, Mr. Drago, & previous Summer Zone participants

Monarchs and Milkweed: Protecting Our Local Pollinators
Ms. Shuman, Ms. Burns, & Brecknock students

Connecting our Instructional Framework in Chemistry
Mr. Messina, Ms. Nisly, Mrs. Belinski, & GMHS students

Science Fair Showcase & the Governor Mifflin Giving Garden
Ms. Stinson & GMHS students

A Plant's Life Cycle: Modeling with Merge Cubes
Ms. Jarquin, Ms. Russell, Ms. McIntyre, & Brecknock students

Shark Tank in Second Grade
Ms. Freeman, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Reiniger, Ms. Latchum, & Brecknock students

Making Research Count!
Ms. Wagner, Ms. Minnich, & GMIS students

The STEP Diner: Learning Workplace & Life Skills
Ms. Miller, Ms. Pugliese, & GMHS students

Threads of Success: A Student-Run Nonprofit
Ms. Bonanno, Ms. Berg, & GMHS students

A New Kind of Sport: ESports in GMSD
Mr. Reitnauer, Mr. Lapi, Ms. Johnston, & the GMMS & GMHS ESports Team

Mastering Mindfulness: Building Stress-Reducing Capacities in School
Ms. Himmelberger, Ms. Cochran, & GMHS students

UNLESS Contest: The African Lion
Mr. Shuman & Cumru students

Trout in the Classroom
Ms. Adams & Mifflin Park students

The Building Blocks of Tech: Incorporating Technology and Total Experience Learning in Pre-K Education
Mrs. Davis, Ms. Frey, and Pre-K students

Shadow Puppet Theatre: A Hands-On Exploration of Light and Sound
Ms. Adams, Ms. Russo, & Mifflin Park students

Science in Action: GMMS Science Lab Showcase
Ms. Yeager, Ms. Saner, & GMMS students