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Mustang Nation Learning Expo

A girl sits in front of an iMac computer. She is using a music editing software. A desktop piano sits in front of her.
A male student stands in a gymnasium crouchng and facing forward. He is playing bocce.
A memory box book stands upright on a table. The book depicts a vacation in five panels.
A student stands beside a row of lockers. He fans out a handful of brochures for Groovy Grinds in front of him.
Student shares a presentation with two older community members.

What does 70+ exhibits, hundreds of attendees, and 1.5 hours equal? One unforgettable night.


Wednesday, March 22, 2023 | 6:30-8:00 PM
Governor Mifflin High School

Governor Mifflin School District cordially invites you to join us on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, at Governor Mifflin High School for our first-ever Mustang Nation Learning Expo!

At this district-wide event, we’re putting the spotlight on Governor Mifflin’s most exciting and engaging learning experiences and the individuals who know them best: our students and teachers. Throughout the evening, you can expect to see education in action through interactive exhibitions, live performances, and demonstrations across a multitude of grade levels and disciplines.

In addition, our administrators will be available for coffee and conversations with our community. These short-form, interactive sessions will address the community’s most pressing topics such as curriculum and instructional practices, student services, the construction of our new community and athletic center, and more.

Check out the list of exhibitions below! Stop in regularly leading up to the event for newly added exhibitions and additional details!

Community Conversations

Superintendent's Report
Hosted by Bill McKay, Superintendent & Lisa Hess, Ed.D, Assistant Superintendent

SESSION I: 6:30-6:55 PM
SESSION II: 7:00-7:25 PM

Curriculum and Teaching Practices
Hosted by Chris Killinger, M.Ed., Director of Teaching and Learning

SESSION I: 6:30-6:55 PM
SESSION II: 7:00-7:25 PM

Student Services & Family Resources
Hosted by Dave Argentati, Director of Pupil Services

SESSION I: 6:30-6:55 PM
SESSION II: 7:00-7:25 PM

Special Education: Pathways to Graduation
Hosted by Kate Costenbader, Special Education Supervisor, Secondary

SESSION: 6:30-6:55 PM

Special Education: Navigating My Child's IEP
Hosted by Trish Seifert, Special Education Supervisor, Elementary

SESSION: 7:00-7:25 PM

Featured Exhibitions

Otaranda: The Floating City of the Future - Future City Competition Entry
Presented by Mrs. Eastman and GMIS 6th Grade Gifted Class

Conservation Efforts of the Golden Coin Turtle - Philadelphia Zoo UNLESS Contest Entry
Presented by Mr. Engle, Mrs. Lynch, Mr, Shuman and GMSD 2nd Grade students

Benefits of Therapy Dogs in a School Setting
Presented by Ms. Hulsey, Ms. Berger, Ms. Cerroni, and Reese the Therapy Dog

Shark Tank: Second Grade Edition - Entrepreneurship in Elementary School
Presented by the Brecknock Elementary Second Grade Team

Memory Boxes and Books: Artistic Collaboration with Kutztown University
Presented by Mrs. Holgate and Mifflin Park students

Taking Flight with Newton's Laws of Motion
Presented by Mr. Evak & GMIS students

High Honors in History: Local, European, Military, and Beyond
Presented by Mr. Kurtz & GMHS History students

Big Mustang, Little Mustang Tutoring Program
Presented by Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Nierle, and Big Mustang, Little Mustang participants

6th Grade ELA "Keeps It Real": Calkins Reading Unit Showcase
Presented by Mrs. Wagner and GMIS students

Science and Engineering in Action
Presented by Mr. Messina and GMHS students

Government, History, and Psychology: A Look Into Social Studies at GMHS
Presented by Mr. Hole and Mr. Williams

Taste Test: Smoothies and Snacks
Presented by Mrs. Klahr and GMHS Culinary students

Precision/Computerized Machining Tech and the  International Space Station: A Collaboration with BCTC and NASA
Presented by Mrs. Parks and BCTC students

Golf: STEM Behind the Sport
Presented by Mr. Collette and Brecknock students

Arctic Animals and Habitat
Presented by Mrs. Ross and Mifflin Park students

All About Summer Zone
Presented by Mr. Blatt and past Summer Zone participants

Book Club: Experiential Learning in Literature 
Presented by Mrs. Halberg and GMHS students

Science, Social Studies, and Sport: 5th Grade Curriculum
Mini-Golf Course
Presented by Mrs. James and GMIS students

From the Grounds Up: Groovy Grinds Coffee Shop
Presented by Mr. Rosenbaum and Business Seminar students

Accounting in Action
Presented by Mrs. Wilbert and Accounting I & II students

Brecknock Bunnies: Learning All About Our Class Pet
Presented by Mrs. Burns and Brecknock students

Illustrative Math: A Look at the New Algebra I Curriculum
Presented by Mrs. Dennis and GMHS students

Your Young Reader: Supporting Beginning Reading Skills at Home
Presented by Mrs. Mulhare and Mrs. Jones Garman

An Inside Look at Governor Mifflin eSports
Presented by Mr. Lapi and eSports team members

Girls Who Code Club: DASH Robot Demo
Presented by Mrs. Krocker, Ms. Giandemonico, & Cumru students

A Living "Wax Museum": Researching and Impersonating Famous Historical Figures
Presented by Mrs. Dervarics, Ms. Rudolph, Mrs. Curry, Mrs. Snavely and Brecknock 3rd Grade students

Songs of Second Grade: A Cumru Music and Art Showcase
Presented by Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Adkins, Mr. Marley, Ms. Lavigna, Mrs. Tilley, Mrs. Strain & Cumru 2nd Grade students

All Kids Bike: Bringing Bicycles Into Elementary Phys. Ed.
& The Imagination Playground
Presented by Mr. Greene, Mr. Geisler, & Cumru students

Start the Presses: Student Journalism and the GMIS News Team
Presented by Mrs. Assetto & GMIS students

Analyzing AI: Student Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence through a Literary Lens
Presented by Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Greenleaf, and GMHS AP Language and Literature students

No Mow Lawns, Coding, and Comp-Sci: Gifted Education at GMMS
Presented by Mrs. Moulin and GMMS students

An "Epic" Use of Technology: Podcast Writing and Homer's Odyssey
Presented by Mrs. Jones and GMHS students

Metal Shop in Action: Metal Forging Demo
Presented by Mr. Reed and Metal Shop students

GMHS Health Showcase
Presented by Mrs. Cochran and GMHS students

Partnering with the Community to Enhance Student Learning
Presented by Mrs. Sweigart, Mrs. Lavigna, and Cumru students

A Trip to the Science Fair
Presented by Mr. Zenie and GMHS Honors Biology students

Digital Arts Showcase
Presented by Mr. Kellett and GMHS Digital Arts students

Sociology: Subcultures and Status
Presented by Mrs. Sheller and GMHS students

Student-Directed P.E. Demo
Presented by Ms. Himmelberger, Mr. Carley, & GMHS students

Career and College Planning with Naviance
Presented by GMHS School Counselors & GMHS students

Yoga: Getting Our Minds and Bodies Ready to Learn
Presented by Mrs. Joffred & Cumru students

Student Creativity, Agency, and Collaboration in Music
Presented by Mr. Williamson, Ms. Carter, and Alexandra Barnes

Lessons in the Learning Lab
Presented by Mrs. Bilger, Mrs. Reber, and GMIS students

Internship Experiences
Presented by Ms. Bonanno and Internship students

Building Math Skills with Board Games
Presented by Mrs. Stoltz and GMIS students

Blast Off: Bernoulli's Principle in Action
Presented by Mrs. Burkey and GMHS students

Water Scarcity & The Global Water Crisis
Presented by Mrs. Phillips and GMIS students

Gotta Read Them All!: Literacy Trading Card Collaboration
Presented by Mrs. Sebastian, Mrs. Smith, Ms. Sherman, Brecknock students, and GMHS Graphic Design students

Inclusivity in Athletics: Unified Bocce at GM
Presented by Mrs. Rissler and Bocce team members

GMIS Social Studies Showcase
Presented by Mrs. Pacifico and GMIS students

A Firsthand Look at French
Presented by Mrs. Eagle and GMHS students

Literary Scavenger Hunt
Presented by Miss McKay and GMHS students

English for the Everyday: Practical Applications of English
Presented by Mr. Selbst and GMHS students

Student Sewing Showcase
Presented by Mrs. Klahr, Mrs. Griffin, and GMHS students

Preserving GMSD History: Student Archival Internship
Presented by Mrs. Brumbach and Dominick Orlando

Fuel of the Future: Sustainable Fuel Alternatives
Presented by Mrs. Belinski and GMHS students

The Social-Emotional Side of P.E.
Presented by Mrs. Mohl, Ms. Burdan, and GMMS students

The STEM Shortage: Growing Careers in STEM Fields
Presented by Mrs. Bolles and GMMS students

Engineering Design and Climate Change
Presented by Mrs. Bolles, Ms. Moulin, and GMMS students

The Four Domains of Development: Early Childhood Development Courses at GMHS
Presented by Ms. Rowlands and GMHS students

Science, Social Studies, and Sport: 5th Grade Curriculum
Mini-Golf Course
Presented by Mrs. James and GMIS students

Open Rehearsal: Indoor Percussion
Presented by Mr. Cusano and GMHS Percussionists

ELA and the American Revolution
Presented by Mrs. Leisawitz and Cumru students

Governor Mifflin High School Spanish Showcase
Presented by Mrs. Hudzik and GMHS students

"Fostering" Education: Small Mammal Foster Partnership with the Animal Rescue League
Presented by Mrs. Troxell and Brecknock students

Journey to Jamaica: An Immersive Learning Experience in Marine Biology, Jamaican History, and Culture
Presented by Mr. Lapi & GMHS students

Studying Spanish Culture
Presented by Mrs. Redford & GMHS students

German: A Look at the Four Levels of Language
Presented by Mr. Seymour & GMHS students

Word Detectives: Using Phonics to "Solve" a Text
Presented by Mrs. Wentling, Mrs. Keiffer-Blatt, Mrs. Hoelscher, Mrs. Gumpert, Mrs. Jablonski, Mrs. Westover, Mrs. Shockey, and Cumru students

One School, One Book at Mifflin Park
Presented by Mrs. Moyer, Mrs. Weisman, Mrs. Korejwo, and Mifflin Park students

The Governor Mifflin Giving Garden
Presented by Mrs. Stinson & GMHS students

Reading-Berks Science and Engineering Student Showcase
Presented by Mrs. Stinson & GMHS students

ESL: Building Language Skills of Our Students and Our Community
Presented by Mrs. Rush, Mrs. Hayles, Mrs. Schiffer, Mrs. Darrenkamp, and ESL students

Tier 3 Math Showcase
Presented by Mrs. Arment and GMIS students

Experiential Learning in Business Math
Presented by Mr. Woolwine and GMHS students

Trout In The Classroom
Presented by Ms. Adams and Mifflin Park students

Connection Between Energy and Light: Flame Test Lab and Bohr Models
Presented by Ms. Nisly and GMHS students

Adding Meaning and Relevance to Math: Desmos Demo
Presented by Mrs. Woronko and Mrs. Hickman

Science Buddies: An Educational Partnership Across Grade Levels
Presented by Mrs. Sweigart, Mrs. Reber, Mrs. McGinley, Mrs. Wagner, and GMIS and Cumru students

Birds Nest Helpers: Solutionary Thinking in Pre-K
Presented by Mrs. Gerhard, Mrs. Davis, and Pre-K students

Clickbait and the Cold War: War Time Propaganda 
Presented by Mrs. Sheller and GMHS students

Super Reading Powers: Kindergarten ELA
Presented by Mrs. Orzechowski & Mifflin Park students

Cross-Curricular Research at the Elementary Level
Presented by Mifflin Park 4th grade teachers & students