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Total Experience Learning® (TExpL®)

What is Total Experience Learning®?

In Governor Mifflin School District, we proudly implement Albright College's award-winning Total Experience Learning® framework. This methodology champions integrating research-based, student lead learning across all disciplines. In Total Experience Learning®, students learn through authentic, hands-on learning experiences which encourage inquiry, ingenuity, and creativity. In short, students are taught how to think, not what to think.

Why TExpL®?

Before GMSD entered this partnership in 2021, the district implemented personalized and problem-based learning resulting in only pockets of innovation across the district. To develop a wider reach in personalized and experiential learning, the district developed a multi-year action plan committed to developing and supporting not only just the Total Experience Learning course cohort teachers but also every educator in every building.

Our Committment

The district commits to financially supporting at least 18 teachers and 1 administrator each year in completing the four courses, ensuring solid expertise spans all grade levels and content areas. We also provide ongoing professional learning for those who are not enrolled in the courses ensuring that the most basic foundational aspects of the methodology are understood and embraced by all stakeholders.

Connection, collaboration, and ongoing learning are cornerstones of this program and we highly encourage those who are TExpL® certified to collaborate with fellow educators, community partners, and other stakeholders in order to extend our impact and expand our student's access to opportunities, both in our local community and beyond.

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Dr. Lisa Hess

Assistant Superintendent

Total Experience Learning® in Action

Two students kneel by a stream. One holds a plastic cup with a trout inside over the water.
Trout In the Classroom

In this yearly activity, students across grade levels collaborate to hatch and raise trout in their classroom tanks. The project culminates with a mass release of trout into local waterways in the Spring!

Two girls bagging up a head of lettuce. One girl holds the bag open as the other inserts the produce.
Flex Farms

Students in grades K-6 get a firsthand experience growing crops and managing their own hydroponic farms within their Innovations classrooms. After their bounty is harvested, the produce is donated to Helping Harvest Food Bank to help local families in need!

A woman holds a toad while a hand-off screen holds a handheld microscope against the toad. A boy in the middle smiles.
Investigating Animals

Is it a frog? Or is it a toad? Mrs. Korejwo's Kindergarten class worked with the Albright TEL Team to observe a living creature and identify it through research, inquiry, and exploration!

A girl and a boy hold up a handmade sign that reads %22Pawsitive Hearts Has The Biggest Heart for Animals%22
Brecknock Thanks-For-Giving Parade

Brecknock Elementary students participated in the Thanks-For-Giving Parade, a collaborative, school-wide experience led by Mrs. Sebastian! Classes picked a local nonprofit, learned about their impact, and created a float inspired by their work!

A young boy arranges flowers while his mother, who is holding a baby, watches him.
Bringing Family Together with Flowers

For American Education Week, our Pre-K Counts teachers partnered with local florist, Stein's Flowers, to bring families together for a fun, flower-arranging activity. This activity challenged student creativity, helped them learn about plant life, and helped them to practice fine motor skills!

A group of students hold disposable cups with the Groovy Grinds logo in tront of them. They are smiling.
Groovy Grinds

These students are building a coffee shop from the 'grounds' up! In the senior business seminar, students found a business, create a business plan, assign roles and duties, and handle day-to-day operations of said business.

A man shows a high school student how to operate a camera.
Mustang Nation News: Now On Air

Governor Mifflin High School students have partnered with our local television station, BCTV, to bring the news of GM to the wider Berks County community and get hands-on experience in public broadcasting, filming, and editing. GM is the first school district in Berks to have our own public access television program!

TExpL® Certified Staff

Melissa Azzarello

Titles: Teacher, Biology
Locations: High School

Melissa Belinski

Titles: Teacher, Chemistry
Locations: High School

Emma Blair

Titles: Teacher, Biology
Locations: High School

Samantha Bolles

Titles: Teacher, STEAM Hub
Locations: Middle School

Corinne Brumbach

Titles: Librarian
Locations: Mifflin Park

Michael Dunkle

Titles: Teacher, Physics
Locations: High School

Sara Eastman

Titles: Teacher, Innovations
Locations: Intermediate School

Mark Engle

Titles: Teacher, Innovations
Locations: Mifflin Park

Rick Lapi

Titles: Technology Coach
Locations: High School

Jillian Lynch

Titles: Teacher, Innovations
Locations: Brecknock

Nicholas Morrissey

Titles: Teacher, Social Studies
Locations: High School

Lauren Moulin

Titles: Teacher, Computer Science
Locations: Middle School

Brandon Orndorff

Titles: Teacher, Physical Education
Locations: High School

Rachel Sebastian

Titles: Librarian
Locations: Brecknock

John Skwarecki

Titles: Teacher, Technology Education
Locations: High School

Roxanne Snyder

Titles: Teacher, Biology
Locations: High School

Dominique Ulrich

Titles: Teacher, English
Locations: Middle School