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Volunteer Information

At Governor Mifflin School District, we encourage our students to get involved, offer a helping hand, and give back whenever possible.

One of the best ways we can foster these traits in our students is to lead by example.

Become a Volunteer Today!

We accept volunteers at all of our buildings. To learn about specific opportunities available at each building, please contact your building principal.

Before volunteering at any of our buildings, individuals must first complete the required clearances. Learn more about volunteer clearances by clicking the button down below.


Two students with matching yellow T-shirts stand facing a woman in front of a Plinko board. The woman talks to the students.

Experience The Little Moments

Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding experience, but for some parents volunteering in their child's class makes it even better.

Experience the big moments in your child's life like classroom parties and field trips or just lend a helping hand around the classroom when their teacher needs it. 


Opportunities for All Interests

You don't need to work directly with students to make a difference in their lives! We have a variety of volunteer opportunities that include little or no time in the classroom. Examples include:

  • Clerical tasks (such as making copies for teachers or restocking shelves in the library)
  • Volunteering at events
  • Speaking to a class on your area of expertise
  • Maintaining outdoor spaces on school property
A man and a students stand together, looking at a piece of paper.