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The concept of students having a district-issued computer or device of some sort falls into the category of 1:1 learning.  The integration of technology is not about the device itself; it is about giving students the opportunity to share, connect and research the most current, academically focused information and to utilize such information for creative work and innovation in the classroom setting. The expectation is that we engage and collaborate in a workspace accessible anytime, anywhere. What of the workspace? A platform to engage with the world. By providing our students with the technology necessary, we continue to provide enriching, personalized learning experiences that prepare them for an ever-changing job market. It is our supreme responsibility to weave the tenets of good digital citizenship into the fabric of our district, to teach our students to participate in a collaborative learning community within each classroom in our district, and ultimately the world. While we provide a 1:1 learning environment, our goal is 1:World.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Which device is issued to the students?

Students are issued a Chromebook.  In grades K-6, students are not required to bring the Chromebooks home.  Grades 7-12 students will bring the device home with them, and insurance is available to families.


Is the insurance fee required?

No.  However any costs related to repairing or replacing the Chromebook will be passed along to the student/family. The Chromebook Handbook includes more details regarding insurance and how it works.


What does the insurance cost?

$20 per student, paid annually.  For economically eligible families there is a reduced fee of $10 as well as a no-cost option.


How do families acquire the insurance?

In the weeks leading up to the first day of school, families will be notified when the insurance fees can be paid. The fee can be paid by using Schoolpay, or students may bring cash, check or money order to the building main office.  Any money intended for insurance must be placed in an envelope marked "Chromebook insurance".  Checks and money orders should be made out to "Governor Mifflin School District"; be sure to include your student(s)' student ID number in the memo line.


Is the Chromebook filtered/monitored by the District after school hours?

Yes. Filtering and logging of internet traffic happens 24x7, so long as the GMSD Chrome management  license is active on the device.


How do the students communicate with each other and teachers?

Students grades 5-12 have access to the Gmail app.  Only students in grades 9-12 may email outside the or domains.  Students may also communicate with their teachers through Google Classroom posts.


Do students have access to Youtube?

Yes.  Youtube is part of the Google Workplace.  Teachers will use Youtube for streaming various classroom resources.

Can students be blocked from certain Google Workplace apps?

On a case-by-case basis, students can be restricted from certain apps or features of the Google Workplace.  Such requests are fulfilled through a request to Tech Support from the building Principal.  Parents should first speak with the building Principal.


What if another student damages my child’s Chromebook?

This situation will first be handled as a discipline issue.  If the damage was deliberate and not accidental, then the offending student will most likely be charged for the damages.  Students in this situation may not use the insurance fee to cover the damage cost(s) to another student’s Chromebook.


Will students in K-6 be charged for damages or theft of a Chromebook?

The Chromebook will be treated like district property.  In the event the damages or theft are deliberate, the situation will first be handled by the principal as a disciplinary act.  The family of the offending student may be charged for the cost to repair damages or replace the device.


If families do not have internet access at home, can the district help?

GMSD can make hotspots available for families to use; however please consider the following:
There is a 2-3 week lead time to activate the hotspot.
The family will be charged $20/month per hotspot.
An alternative to using a GMSD hotspot is acquiring internet service through other means or special programs (see Other resources above)


For more details on insurance, repairs and Chromebook expectations, please click the link above for the Chromebook Handbook.