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GMACC Construction Topped Off With Final Beam Installation

Close up of a steel beam. The beam is painted white and has signatures all over it.
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Ashley Shannon

Construction at the Governor Mifflin School District Athletic and Community Center, also known by the acronym GMACC, reached a crucial milestone on Tuesday, January 10 as contractors installed the final piece of structural steel on the building.

All current Governor Mifflin High School students were given the opportunity to sign this structural beam as well as staff and board members, leaving their impression on the building and greater community for many years to come.

“The signed beam is evidence of our commitment as district stakeholders to always work together to vision out and develop opportunities for all students that will enhance their learning,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lisa Hess.

“It is also a symbol of the true intent of this building—a community center,” she adds.

The addition of this facility marks the second phase in the district’s building project. In this phase, the majority of athletic amenities currently housed in the middle and high schools such as locker rooms, gymnasiums, and athletic offices, will be relocated to the new building. The vacant spaces in the existing buildings will then be reconfigured to create more classroom space for STEAM learning, music, and more in the third phase.

With the final structural beam installed, construction workers are wrapping up structural work on the exterior of the building and are expected to move on to interior finishes in early Spring 2023.

At the district’s school board meeting on January 9, Damion Spahr of SiteLogiq reported that the project is on schedule to be completed by the August 2023 target date.

More information about the building project may be found at:

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